There is a strong need for having a Muslim Welfare and Community Center in every city of India,  where Muslim Professionals  can organize large scale youth and career development activities. Such community center will serve for many purposes including:

  • Education and skill development
  • Career Guidance and employment opportunities
  • Environment for positive social change and Scientific temperament
  • Involve families living in surrounding areas to network and progress
  • Inculcate the Entrepreneurial skills
  • Empower women to play active role in society development
  • Reach out to the rural areas of the state to empower the under-privilege through education and exposure to modern concepts.
  • Being part of execution of Government’s minority welfare schemes

In this regard, we are currently looking for 5 acre land and appropriate funding for developing aMuslim Welfare and Community Center at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. This centre will include facilities such as

  • Auditorium to accommodate 5,000 people
  • State of the art library with content from top universities
  • Career and Skill Development Centre
  • Innovation Lab to expose graduates about upcoming technologies
  • Provide a platform for fresh graduates to upgrade their skills on current technologies
  • Class rooms for nurturing creative learning
  • Banquet hall for social gatherings
  • State of the art Sports facilities including gymnasium

For more details about this Muslim Welfare and Community Center Proposal, please reach us at


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