Press Release: MPN Appreciates Indian Army’s Surgical Strikes on Pakistan

Unless India stands up to the world, no one will respect us. In this world, fear has no place. Only  strength respects strength.” – Former President APJ Abdul Kalam.

Muslim Professional Network (MPN) of India highly appreciates Indian Army’s tactical move of conducting surgical strikes on Pakistan in order to protect our nation from terrorist activities. It’s a bold and aggressive move by Indian Government and we are completely supportive of such action. Whenever Pakistan sponsored terrorist attacks have happened in India, the inaction of Indian government resulted in exploitation by Hindutva forces to blame Indian Muslims, as though they were responsible for terror activities of Pakistan. For long, Indian Muslims have demanded Indian government to retaliate and teach Pakistan a lesson. However, there voice has never been heard and instead they were being falsely targeted for the inaction of government.

We are now in 2016, where India is a global economic and military power. We have reached to this state by the virtue of tremendous hard work by the people of India. We are fed up with the “JUMLEBAZI” of the respective governments in India and finally, Indian government has heard what people want. We cannot remain silent whenever terrorist attacks happen on Indian soil especially when we have clear evidence. So, this bold move by BJP led Indian Government is definitely the need of the hour to teach Pakistan a lesson” said Mohammed Abubakr, President of MPN.

Abubakr adds “Our previous response for terror attacks was sending dossiers to Pakistan and honestly it wasn’t working. And in order to pacify the anger of people, Government was doing gimmicks like stopping cricket matches with Pakistan or protesting against Pakistan’s actors or singers. However, what was needed was military action rather than cheap gimmicks. There is no point in having one of the world’s largest military, when we can’t use it. These surgical strikes graduate us to the next level of achieving our ambition of becoming a super-power and imposing our power and presence across Asia and elsewhere”.

“The people of our country, irrespective of their religion are absolutely united against terrorism. India has given repeated warnings to Pakistan to stop sponsoring terrorist activities and instead use the funds for eradication of poverty or improvement of education in Pakistan. However, Pakistan’s Government continues to spend funds either sponsoring terrorism or hiring travel agents in India. Now that we have taken action on the terrorist camps in Pakistan, it’s also time to take some action on the travel agents of Pakistan, who have repeatedly asked Indian Muslims to go to Pakistan. Such travel agents have successfully infiltrated our own BJP led government and are openly asking Indian citizens to go to Pakistan” says Khalid, Secretary of MPN.

MPN hopes that, through these surgical strikes Pakistan learns a lesson and backs off from sponsoring terrorist activities in India. Ultimately we want peace and prosperity in the region, where people of India and Pakistan aren’t suffering from poverty or lack of education.

About Muslim Professional Network of India: 

Muslim Professionals Network of India is an independent body that provides social platform for the professionals working in the various industries such as IT, finance, medicine, law etc. to connect, collaborate and act towards the inclusive development and growth of our nation. Formed in 2013, MPN has taken up various projects and initiatives to promote employment and job creation among Muslim Professionals. Also, over the years MPN has focussed considerable effort in charitable activities in areas such as Education, Health and Natural Calamities.