Every year, both Central and State Governments in India announce tens of schemes worth hundreds of crores for minorities, often with the good intent to uplift the conditions of minorities. However, it’s undeniable that, minorities have consistently failed to utilise Government Schemes due to various reasons. Lack of awareness of the schemes, tedious documentation, irresponsive government institutions, etc., are some of the common reasons for minorities failing to avail benefits of schemes.

Muslim Professional Network (MPN), an NGO headquartered in Hyderabad, has come up with a strategic Help Line Project to guide & enrich the Minorities in India to avail the benefits of Central and State Government schemes. The objectives of Helpline Project include:

  • Create awareness about the Central and State Government Schemes
  • Based on the financial status of the candidate, identify which Government Scheme is applicable and guide the candidate in availing the benefits.
  • Track the complaints people have while availing the schemes and follow-up with the concerned government institutions systematically to resolve the bottlenecks.

As per of Project Helpline, MPN is plaining to create three touch points for the people:

  1. 1800-8333-786: Toll-Free Number (1800-8333-786) that people can call between 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM starting from 1st February 2017. Based on the details provided by the caller, we will identify the schemes applicable and guide about the process to avail the schemes. The caller can also leave his/her number for us to reach back with more information in case we aren’t able to solve his/her query immediately on the phone.


  1. Com: We have released a website named “IndiaSchemes.com”, where detailed information about various schemes introduced by Central and State Government is mentioned. The details about the schemes will be regularly updated by MPN Volunteers after interacting with various Government Institutions.


  1. MPN Help Desks: We plan to set-up Help Desks at various community centres on the weekends to educate people about Central and State Government’s schemes. We are piloting the MPN Help Desk program at Haj House, Hyderabad starting from 4th February 2017. MPN Volunteers will be available at Haj House every weekend between 10:00 AM -2:00 PM to help people apply for government schemes.

“Telangana Government has announced multiple schemes such as Shaadi Mubarak, Overseas Education Scheme, etc. for the benefit of minorities. Now, it’s our responsibility to ensure that, these schemes are availed properly by minorities. Our target for first six months is to help 10,000 people successfully avail minority schemes” says Mir Mahmood Ali, who has volunteered to be the Project Manager for Helpline Project.

“While we are starting small, we strongly believe we can scale this project throughout India. Both Toll-Free Number as well as IndiaSchemes.com can be easily be scaled across India. After the initial pilot phase, we will aggressively push for setting up Help Desks in every city of India. We want every deserving member of minority to avail the schemes and benefit from it” said Mohammed Abubakr, President of MPN.

“MPN has previously helped other organisations such as AIMPLB set-up Toll-Free number to reach out to thousands of people. With that as an experience, we are extremely confident that, we will be able to market the Toll-Free Number across India and connect with the deserving minorities” says Khalid Saifullah, General Secretary of MPN.


About MPN: Muslim Professionals Network (MPN) is an independent body that provides social platform for the Muslim Professionals working in the various industries such as IT, finance, medicine, law etc. to connect, collaborate and act towards the inclusive development and growth of our nation. Formed in 2013, MPN has taken up various projects and initiatives to promote employment and job creation among Muslim Professionals. Also, over the years MPN has focussed considerable effort in charitable activities in areas such as Education, Health and Natural Calamities. More details about MPN at www.mpnindia.org