Muslim Professionals Network (MPN) is a social platform for the professional working in the various industries such as IT, finance, medicine, law etc. to connect, collaborate and act towards the inclusive development and growth of our nation. Over the years, several initiatives have been taken to organize charity and community development activities and they are helping the community in various ways. However, ideas needs to come together to scale the solutions to the enormity of the problems that exist in the society. Professionals working in multinational companies have been exposed to challenges that require out of the box of thinking and finding scalable solutions. The idea of MPN is to channel this knowledge and expertise to help find solutions that will benefit not only Indian Muslims but also help the overall development of the nation.

Following are the core objectives of MPN:

  • Provide a platform for the professional Muslims and other minorities to  serve the community
  • Provide a professional platform for learning and advance professionally
  • Discuss and debate on issues pertaining to Muslim community and provide solutions
  • Establish a media relationship so as to address the media and be a counsel for  Muslim Community in India
  • Contribute towards the development of the youth (men & women)
  • Organize community events for better social network
  • Interact and discuss with non-Muslim community for increasing awareness and bring understanding between various communities
  • Provide an environment for increasing charitable and relief work to serve the poor or underprivileged members of the society
  • Any activity that benefits the community would be across all communities so as to provide a non-exclusive benefit (within the basic tenets of Islam)