Press Release: MPN Condemns Anti-India Slogans and Discourage Muslim Youth from Participating in Any Misguided Protests

Muslim Professionals Network of India is an independent body that provides social platform for the professionals working in the various industries such as IT, finance, medicine, law etc. to connect, collaborate and act towards the inclusive development and growth of our nation. Formed in 2013, MPN has taken up various projects and initiatives to promote employment and job creation among Muslim Professionals. Also, over the years MPN has focussed considerable effort in charitable activities in areas such as Education, Health and Natural Calamities.

MPN strongly condemns any anti-India slogans or protests and discourage any Muslim Students or professionals participating in the same. We recognize that, there is strong anti-government sentiment among Muslim Youth & Professionals after series of misadventures by BJP Government. The extremist right-wing forces want Muslim Youth to protest against BJP Government and then portray such protests as anti-national activities. Some sections of the media have fallen into this trap of right-wing forces. So, it’s extremely important for Muslim Youth, especially professionals to remain cautious in this hostile situations.

MPN strongly suggests the Muslim Youth to focus on education and career Development. These are the testing times for the minorities in our great nation and despite the discrimination and intolerance, we must emerge as winners. We must exhibit compassion even in hostile situations and overcome the challenges through persistent effort and ethical honesty. MPN is also reaching to various Muslim Professionals across companies to not indulge in unproductive discussions about intolerance, freedom of speech, etc. Such discussions aren’t going to help and might actually result in further discrimination.

“Muslim Professionals across India must learn from the rise and success of Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Sundar Pichai of Google. There is absolute need for Muslim Professionals to rise up in their careers and emerge as leaders of major multi-nationals in India and abroad. MPN strongly encourages Muslim youth towards entrepreneurship and take a crack to disrupt global & Indian markets with innovative ideas. Excelling in existing careers and job creation must are our two key focus areas. This is the need of the hour for the community.” says Mohammed Abubakr, the newly elected President of MPN. Abubakr was previously with Microsoft and now running his start-up in healthcare space.

“Its high time that Muslim youth take control of their own future and not be swayed by others”, said Javed Sikander, Former President and Founding member of MPN. “That future is about education, hard work and development” he added.

“Muslim Youth should not indulge in any anti India activities, do not join such protests. Rather focus on studies, excel in education and build a good career, and help the India become a stronger economy and a developed nation”, added Mohammed Khuddus, former General Secretary and Founding member of MPN.

MPN also works with companies across India related to workplace discrimination issues. If any Muslim employee is facing such issues, we urge you to inform us through an email You can also send us email anonymously.


Notice Boards at Mosques

MPN Notice Board Program:

The aim of MPN notice board program is to create awareness among people about various job opportunities and government policies. We achieve this through publishing every week content related to job openings and government policies on notice boards kept at various mosques.

MPN Notice Board Process:

  • Step 1: Form a ‘Notice Board Team’ of 5 people, who should spend 2-4 hours every week to identify job openings and Government policies.
  • Step 2: Convince the Masjid committees to have a MPN notice board, where job openings and government policies can pinned.
  • A notice board would cost about Rs.500. Let’s start with 20 notice boards and identify 20 mosques.
  • Step 3: Every week, Notice board team publishes the job openings and government policies document to MPN Board of Directors. MPN President then will publish this document to all MPN members.
  • Step 4: MPN members, whoever is near to the mosque with a notice board, pins the print-out of Job openings and government policies. MPN members can also forward this content through emails or distribute the print-outs at mosques where notice board is not yet there.

Impact of the Notice Board Program

Let’s now, access the impact of Notice Board Program:

  • · People will now get to know that, there are job openings. Every week, there are new job openings. This will remove the sense among the community that, there are no jobs.
  • · With every job, we must publish the potential salary for the job. This will force the parents to think. They will start taking interest in the education of their children.
  • · Our youngsters will start attending the mosque, as they now want to find out what sort of job openings are available. Now, their discussion topics would be around, how to get a particular job or what sort of skills are required to get a job. Currently, their discussion topics are, who is dating Deepika Padukone or how many runs Yusuf Pathan is going to score this IPL.
  • · The moment, one person from a mosque gets a job through that notice board, it would become a dinner table discussion in whole area.
  • · People will get to know about Government Policies, they would automatically start realizing their rights. We must publish clear guidelines. For example, even today, not many people know how to file a RTI or how a RTI can help them.
  • · If MPN is organizing a career fair or a career guidance workshop, the same notice board can be used to attract huge audience.
  • · Through the notice board, take feedback about the problems that people are facing.

Some guidelines for publishing the content:

  • · Everything that gets published on the notice board should be solution-oriented. There are lot of preachers around and we don’t want one more.
  • · MPN must position itself as an intellectual think-tank of India. Everything that we publish must reflect intellectuality.
  • · We must project positivity. There is already lot of negativity around.
  • · Offer clear and measurable guidance to students.
  • · List out job openings and potential salaries.
  • · List out Government Policies. Encourage people to ask for their right.


One of the challenge before us, for executing this program is continuous effort of the Notice Board Team. If we publish for two weeks and then stop publishing, the rhythm will be gone. Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) once said: “The best loved deeds to Allah are the ones that are continuous even if they are not very many.”

The second challenge is regarding the ‘correctness’ of the content. Our credibility would depend on the ‘correctness’ of the content. And if we commit an error, we must acknowledge the mistake by publishing an errata.

Muslim Welfare and Community Center


There is a strong need for having a Muslim Welfare and Community Center in every city of India,  where Muslim Professionals  can organize large scale youth and career development activities. Such community center will serve for many purposes including:

  • Education and skill development
  • Career Guidance and employment opportunities
  • Environment for positive social change and Scientific temperament
  • Involve families living in surrounding areas to network and progress
  • Inculcate the Entrepreneurial skills
  • Empower women to play active role in society development
  • Reach out to the rural areas of the state to empower the under-privilege through education and exposure to modern concepts.
  • Being part of execution of Government’s minority welfare schemes

In this regard, we are currently looking for 5 acre land and appropriate funding for developing aMuslim Welfare and Community Center at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. This centre will include facilities such as

  • Auditorium to accommodate 5,000 people
  • State of the art library with content from top universities
  • Career and Skill Development Centre
  • Innovation Lab to expose graduates about upcoming technologies
  • Provide a platform for fresh graduates to upgrade their skills on current technologies
  • Class rooms for nurturing creative learning
  • Banquet hall for social gatherings
  • State of the art Sports facilities including gymnasium

For more details about this Muslim Welfare and Community Center Proposal, please reach us at

MPN Project brainstroming

We are at various stages of brainstorming, planning, implementing and sustaining different projects across education, career guidance, community assistance, outreach and social networking and mentoring.

Following is a sample list of such projects.

• Student development for primary and high school children
• Career development for engineering students
• Women development
• Micro finance projects for the poor
• Online network to bring mentors around the world and ambitious individuals together
• Youth education and sports
• Knowledge development and sharing of best practices
• Community events for festivals or other national celebrations