MPN Objectives

Following are the core objectives of MPN:

  • Provide a platform for the professional Muslims and other minorities to  serve the community
  • Provide a professional platform for learning and advance professionally
  • Discuss and debate on issues pertaining to Muslim community and provide solutions
  • Establish a media relationship so as to address the media and be a counsel for  Muslim Community in India
  • Contribute towards the development of the youth (men & women)
  • Organize community events for better social network
  • Interact and discuss with non-Muslim community for increasing awareness and bring understanding between various communities
  • Provide an environment for increasing charitable and relief work to serve the poor or underprivileged members of the society
  • Any activity that benefits the community would be across all communities so as to provide a non-exclusive benefit (within the basic tenets of Islam)


Download the MPN Brochure.