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Rules and Regulations



Muslim Professionals Network


Article 1.0: Name and Basic Details

Article 1.1: Name

The name of the network/society shall be “Muslim Professionals Network”, acronym for it is ‘MPN’.

Article 1.2: Registered Office

The registered office for the network shall be situated at Hyderabad, India.

Article 1.3: Official Year

Official year of the network would be lunar calendar starting from the 1st of January till last day of December.

Article 1.4: Basic Premise & Definitions

For the purposes of clarification and interpretation of the language of this document, the intended meaning of specific words, phrases, and terms cited in this document are hereby defined as follows:

  • “Muslim” means person who professes the religion of Islam and declares the ‘Kalimat-ush-Shahadat’, the declaration of faith to the religion of Islam. Male Muslim persons may also be referred to as “Muslim” and female Muslim persons may also be referred to as “Muslimah”. Based on the context, the word ‘Muslim’ may refer to both male and female.
  • The Kalimat-ush-Shahadat means “the declaration of faith to the religion of Islam” and consists of the words, “Ash-hadu an la-ilaaha illalaah wahdahu la shareekalahu wa ash-hadunna Muhammadan abduhu wa Rasooluh” which means, “I bear witness that none is worthy of being worshipped but Allah, He is alone and has no partner and I (further) bear witness that Muhammad (ﷺ) is His servant and messenger”. A Muslim also believes that Muhammad (ﷺ) is the last and final prophet of Allah.

Article 2.0 Scope of Network

Article 2.1: Purpose

The purposes of the MPN are to carry out religious, charitable and educational activities in conformity with the religion of Islam and Indian legal system; to do each and everything necessary, suitable, or proper for the accomplishment of these objectives, including, but not limited to the following:

  • To nourish Islamic faith
  • To provide facilities, services and activities to encourage the spiritual advancement of the Muslim community.
  • To promote the Islamic goal of unity, peace, prosperity  and “brotherhood” (the term applies to both genders)
  • To establish a model Islamic Centre
  • To promote the Islamic principles of engaging in community outreach services.
  • To support the needy Muslim and non-Muslims through charitable activities.
  • To work with Muslim and Non-Muslim organizations that share our values on joint projects for providing educational community services
  • To reach out to other Faith based groups and organizations to understand, facilitate and perpetuate peaceful co-relations, as emphasized by Islam
  • To help orphans and poor Muslims realize and achieve their potential through various charitable means
  • To provide career guidance and educational help to Muslim community
  • To promote the rights bestowed on women in Islam and work towards providing more opportunities for the Muslim women in the society so to create more inclusiveness.
  • To improve the position of the Muslim community at large by addressing issues affecting the local and national Muslim population
  • To advance and raise awareness about the rights of Muslims in India and creating an environment that helps guarantee the full, fair and equal representation of Muslims in Indian society

The MPN shall strive to have the participation and representation of Muslims of all gender, national origin, race, age, linguistic or ethnic backgrounds, and Islamic schools of Jurisprudence, without giving preference to any group.  The activities of this organization shall be governed by the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah as understood by the companions of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). The principle of Shura shall be the governing principle in arriving at decisions.

Article 2.2: Core values

The core values of the MPN are as follows:

  • The MPN will  respect diversity and be inclusive of different schools of Islamic

Jurisprudence, as long as the faith & practice has the basic premise of the Islamic Shahada.

  • MPN will not have any bias or allegiance towards any sects of Muslims whose faith & practices are under the premise of Islamic Shahada. We aim to provide a conducive environment wherein differences amongst sects of Muslims can be sorted and Unity be achieved amongst Muslims.
  • The MPN will ensure that everyone, regardless of their level of Imaan (faith) and practice of Islam, feels welcome and given the opportunity to grow spiritually and enhance the practice of Islam in their daily lives
  • MPN shall be run by peace-loving Muslims and strictly believes in peace & peaceful means for entire humanity. MPN does not advice or provoke anyone associating with it towards anti-national or anti-social or violent activities.
  • MPN is strictly against violence, and will not participate knowingly in any activity that causes Violence or damage to life & property. The MPN will strive to create an open and welcoming environment for the entire family including men, women and children in its facilities and activities
  • The MPN will ensure that women have the opportunity to involve and participate in all its activities within the constraints of the Sharia.
  • The basic values of MPN are: Integrity & Honesty, Open & Respectful, Selfless, Egoless, Transparent, Accountable, Self-critical, and Passionate about Muslim community, Islam & India. MPN emphasizes on all its members to function on these values, thus reflecting an Islamic conduct.

Article 2.3 Membership

The members of the MPN will be classified into two categories

  1. Voting Member
  2. General Member

Membership details for voting members:

  • The Voting member should be a Muslim (male Muslim) or Muslimah (female Muslim)
  • The Voting member should be alive and self-earning to afford the membership fee
  • The Voting member pays in full the prescribed annual membership fee, as determined by the Board of Directors.
  • The Voting member has right to vote for the various positions in board of directors
  • The Voting member can stand in elections for board of directors as long as he/she fulfils the criteria for the Board Member nomination.

Membership details for General Members

  • The Applicant should be a Muslim (male Muslim) or Muslimah (female Muslim)
  • There is no membership fee for general members. General members may contribute to the occasional fund raising program conducted by MPN.
  • General members do not have voting rights

Note: MPN doesn’t necessarily conduct the background checks of its members and is not responsible for any criminal or non-Islamic act done by its members. Under all circumstances, MPN will strive to work under the principles of Islam and Indian legal system. MPN membership is automatically terminated if a member is found guilty and convicted by Indian Judiciary. Every applicant of MPN have to sign the Code of Conduct Document defined by MPN Board.

Article 2.4 Withdrawal or suspension of Membership

Following are the rules for the withdrawal or suspension of membership:

  • A member (voting or general) can voluntarily withdraw or resign from the membership. In case of voting members, the annual membership fee paid will not be returned upon withdrawal or resignation.
  • A voting member can be suspended by 2/3 vote of Board of Directors, for failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the MPN or for acting in a way detrimental to the MPN and its guidelines (Code of Conduct – see Annexure I).  Upon suspending a voting member, the MPN will return the annual subscription fee paid by the member.
  • A suspended member can be reinstated by the Board of Directors with 2/3 vote at any point of time.

Article 3.0 General Assembly

Article 3.1: Composition

The General Assembly shall consist of all voting members of the MPN.  All members (including general members) can attend the meetings. The General Assembly shall be the supreme body of the MPN.

Article 3.2: General Powers and Responsibilities

The MPN shall be managed by its Board of Directors, which is elected by the General Assembly in accordance with the bylaws.  Responsibilities of the General Assembly members shall be to safeguard the ideological integrity, purpose and core values of the MPN and hold the Board of Directors accountable.

Article 3.3: General meetings

There shall be an annual General Body Meeting of the MPN on a date to be designated by the Board of Directors. Regular meetings (of the Board of Directors only) may be held at times to be determined by the Board and when so fixed and made known to the membership, no special notice of the purpose of such meetings shall be required. All such meetings shall be held at such place and at such hours as the Board may designate.

Special meetings of the MPN shall be called by

  • By the President
  • By any three members of the Board of Directors
  • By any three members of the Board of Trustees
  • By 1/3 of total voting members of the MPN, provided notice is communicated to all the members (by an email or SMS or an ordinary mail) of the MPN of the time and place of such meeting and the purpose of such meeting at least ten days prior thereto. The meeting invite should contain the names of the twenty voting members who want such special meeting of the MPN to be held. It is recommended that, voting members must first approach Board of Directors before calling for a special meeting for an approval.

Article 4.0: Board of Directors

Article 4.1: Charter of the board

Subject to the Provisions of these Bylaws, the affairs of the MPN shall be managed by the Board of Directors, which shall be called the “Board” hereafter, and will be responsible to the General Assembly.  The Board shall hold in trust, all the assets of the MPN. The Board shall take actual care of the properties, but shall have no power to buy, sell, exchange, mortgage, lease, pledge, transfer, or dispose of, in any manner, any real-estate property of the MPN without specific vote of the General Assembly authorizing such action and approval of Board of Trustees.

Article 4.2: Structure of the Board of Directors

There shall be as odd number of board of directors. Board consists of office and non-office bearer portfolios. Office bearer portfolios will be elected through voting by general members.

Office bearer portfolios:

  • President
  • Vice President (VP)
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Women’s Affair Secretary (reserved for women)
  • Board Member 1
  • Board Member 2

Members for Non-Office bearer portfolios will be decided by the Office bearers. Following two non-office bearing posts are mandatory:

  1. Religious Affairs Secretary
  2. Education Affairs Secretary

Based on the necessity, the office bearers of the board can unanimously create or terminate non-Office bearing posts.

Article 4.3 Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The President of the Board shall be the principal Board Officer, the spokesperson and representative of the MPN.  The President of the Board shall:

  • Preside over the meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly
  • Direct and coordinate all the activities of the MPN
  • Appoint special and standing committees for various functions with the consensus of the Board.
  • Sign, with the treasurer or any other officer of the MPN authorized by the Board, any deeds, contracts and the MPN checks
  • Present the annual report to the General Assembly
  • Sign deeds, bonds, contracts, or other instruments on behalf of the MPN, except where required by law to be otherwise signed and executed, and except where the signing and execution thereof shall be expressly delegated by these Bylaws to some other officer or agent of the MPN.
  • The President or his designated appointee is the spokesman for the MPN to Muslim community and to the other community organizations.
  • Ensure that the elections are held as per the bylaws.

The Vice President shall:

  • Assume the functions of the President of the Board during his absence, in the event of resignation or inability of the President of the Board or when requested by the President of the Board
  • Assume any duties assigned to him by the President of the Board

The General Secretary shall:

  • Handle and keep records of all official correspondence of the MPN
  • Take minutes of all meetings of the Board and the General Assembly
  • Publish the minutes of the meeting in the Notice board or through other means approved by the Board, in a timely fashion
  • Coordinate, distribute information regarding membership and activities of the MPN
  • Maintain up-to-date membership roster
  • Be responsible for the legal matters of the MPN
  • Responsible for organizing the General Assembly meeting. Ensure that the elections are held per the bylaws.
  • Authorize the content to be published on the website

Responsibilities of the Treasurer include

  • Maintain the bank account of the MPN
  • Receive all dues, contributions, donations on behalf of the MPN
  • Responsible for payment of all outstanding dues as per the stipulated payment terms of respective outstanding dues.
  • Maintain up-to-date financial records for the MPN and have it audited annually by a qualified accountant
  • Present financial reports at the Board and the General Assembly meetings
  • Have transparency of finances by maintaining detailed accounts of all incoming and outgoing finances.
  • Publish the monthly financial statement on the website or through other means approved by the Board, in a timely fashion
  • Be responsible for the banking activities, day-to-day expenses of the MPN, and be the co-signer with the President of the Board on its bank accounts
  • Be prudent in operative expenses of MPN, and a trusted advisor to MPN President.

Responsibilities of the Religious Affairs Secretary include:

  • Shall provide guidance to the board on religious decisions
  • Should solicit advice from religious scholars on the behalf of the MPN
  • Organize religious activities after approval from the board
  • Plan and be responsible for the major religious celebrations in a sharia compliant manner
  • Coordinate Da’wah activity within and outside the Muslim community
  • Be in charge, with the help of the treasurer, in collecting and distributing Zakat and other charity funds

Responsibilities of the Women’s Affair Secretary include:

  • Act as a liaison between the Board and the female members of the MPN
  • Oversee Women’s Committee and drive women’s participation in the MPN’s activities
  • Create programs tailored to the needs of the sisters in the community
  • Address the needs, opinions, and concerns of the women in the community
  • Performing MPN activities delegated by the President

Responsibilities of the Education Affairs Secretary include:

  • Oversee Education committee to plan, develop and execute programs for the education activities such as the Islamic weekend school, Children’s Islamic classes, and summer school
  • Oversee the youth activities which will be organized by the youth committee
  • Coordinate activities of other organizations that cater to the needs of the youth.
  • Work with Religious affairs secretary for youth and religious programs.

Article 4.4: Term of Board

The term of the board of Directors is two years.   The Board of Directors cannot serve more than two consecutive terms, after which, they become ineligible to stay on the board for a minimum of one-term (2 years) before becoming eligible again.

Article 4.5: Regular meetings of Board

The Board shall hold regular meetings at least once a month, to approve programs, plans, budget and other business that may come before the committee.

Article 4.6: Resignation of Board Members

Following rules shall apply in case of resignations:

  • In case of resignation from the member of board who hold a non-office bearer post, then office bearers of the board must identify a suitable replacement. It should be first try to find a suitable member from the Board Member 1 or 2.
  • If the office bearer of the board resigns, the president must nominate a voting member for an office bearer post and if all members of the board unanimously approve the candidate, then such candidate can be elected for the office bearing post.
  • If half of the office bearers of the board resign, the board shall dissolve and president must call for a general assembly meeting.
  • Any outgoing Board member should handover all documents and artefacts related to his or her area of work, to the respective incoming member, and get this vetted in written form by the President (or by the General Secretary, if the outgoing member is President).

Article 5: Board of Trustees

Article 5.1:  Powers of Board of Trustees

The MPN shall have Board of Trustees. Board of trustees, who are the founding members of the MPN.

Following are the powers of board of trustees

  • In the rare instance when the Board of Directors does not follow the bylaws or deviate from the vision and charter of the MPN or indulge in any activities that are against Islam, the Board of Trustees has the right to take the following actions
    • Upon unanimous vote of Board of Trustees, all the board of directors can be dissolved and elections are held.
    • Upon unanimous vote, the board of trustees can remove any board of director and call for re-elections for that post.
    • When an unanimous vote is not obtained for dissolving the board of directors or removal of particular member of board, then any three members of the board of trustees can call for a special meeting of general assembly
    • Amendments to by laws are recommended by the board of directors need to be approved by 2/3rd of board of trustees.
    • Purchase and sale of any physical assets belonging to MPN requires 2/3 of board of trustees.

Article 6: Board of Advisors

Article 6.1: Board of Advisors

The MPN shall have board of advisors, an advisory body for the MPN. Membership to Board of Advisors is upon invitation only. The Board of Directors and Board of Trustees can nominate the Board of Advisors. Before nominating an individual for Board of Advisors, the members of the Board (Directors and Trustees) must take the prior permission from the individual. The members of Board of Advisors could be removed at any time by the Board of Directors.

Article 6.2: Responsibilities of Board of Advisors

Following are the responsibilities of the board of the Advisors:

  • Provide guidance in planning and evaluating the activities and programs of the MPN.
  • Help to determine the need for additional external financial support and identify sources of financial support when necessary.
  • Engage in development and advertisement of the MPN
  • Honour the core values of MPN, be an ambassador and a role-model on behalf of MPN
  • Attend key public gatherings as requested by President, and be the public face of MPN.

Article 7: Elections

Article 7.1: Election Committee

The Board of Trustees shall decide the number of office-bearing posts for which elections needs to be held. The Board of Trustees shall appoint an Election committee consisting of a chairman and two other members to conduct the elections at the annual meeting. All three members of the Elections Committee must be voting members of the MPN, not standing in elections and cannot be members of the current Board of Directors.

The nomination for the election must reach the Elections Committee ten days before the specified time for the election.  The nominees shall be voting member of the MPN. The Elections Committee members shall not campaign in favour of or against any candidate; however, they shall have the right to vote as members of the MPN.  The elections will be conducted according to the rules laid down in the bylaws.

Article 7.2: Elections Rules

Following are the rules of the election process:

  • General Elections through voting members will not be held for any specific office-bearing post but rather for a generic Office Bearing post.
  • If the Board of Trustees decide that, there shall be ‘N’ members needed as Board of Directors, then voting will be held for ‘N’ office-bearing posts.
  • Each voting member can cast one vote.
  • Through count of votes, ‘N’ candidates who received the most votes will be short-listed for Board of Directors.
  • The short-listed ‘N’ candidates will meet in a closed room and through Shura (mutual consultation), decide among themselves, who is going to take up what role among Board of Directors. Following rules apply for this closed room Shura meeting:
    • The close room meeting shall not end until office-bearing posts are decided among the short-listed candidates
    • No short-listed candidate should leave the closed room meeting until decision is reached. Whoever decides to leave, automatically their nomination for Board of Directors is terminated.
    • By the end of the meeting, the candidates must take the oath of allegiance to the elected President.
    • Non-office bearer members will be selected or replaced by the President, as needed. There will not be any general elections for non-office bearer members.

Note: The above election rules have been laid out in accordance with the Islamic Principle of Shura. It is the hope of the creators of the bylaws that, this election process is successfully implemented in MPN so that, other Muslim associations can take up this election process.

Article 8.0 Eligibility for a Board Member nomination

  1. A person has to be a voting member first
  2. A practicing Muslim (or Muslimah) can  be nominated
  3. A nominated member should bear a highest degree of integrity and should not involve in any major sins, serious allegation of any crime, etc.
  4. A nominated member should sign a statement of a ‘Practicing Muslim’ and Code of Conduct (see Annexure I)
  5. A nominated member should pledge to be on the board (if elected) for the stipulated term; and should fully involve, should be able to present at >80% of the meetings of the board.

Article 8.0 Amendments:

Article 8.1: Amendment process

Except as otherwise provided herein, these bylaws or the MPN’s articles of incorporation may be amended or repealed and new bylaws (or amended articles of incorporation) may be adopted by the affirmative vote of at least 2/3 of the Board of Directors and 2/3 of Board of Trustees then holding office at any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors, provided that at least ten (10) days written notice is given of intention to alter, amend, repeal or adopt new Bylaws (or articles of incorporation) at such meeting.