MPN Notice Board Program:

The aim of MPN notice board program is to create awareness among people about various job opportunities and government policies. We achieve this through publishing every week content related to job openings and government policies on notice boards kept at various mosques.

MPN Notice Board Process:

  • Step 1: Form a ‘Notice Board Team’ of 5 people, who should spend 2-4 hours every week to identify job openings and Government policies.
  • Step 2: Convince the Masjid committees to have a MPN notice board, where job openings and government policies can pinned.
  • A notice board would cost about Rs.500. Let’s start with 20 notice boards and identify 20 mosques.
  • Step 3: Every week, Notice board team publishes the job openings and government policies document to MPN Board of Directors. MPN President then will publish this document to all MPN members.
  • Step 4: MPN members, whoever is near to the mosque with a notice board, pins the print-out of Job openings and government policies. MPN members can also forward this content through emails or distribute the print-outs at mosques where notice board is not yet there.

Impact of the Notice Board Program

Let’s now, access the impact of Notice Board Program:

  • · People will now get to know that, there are job openings. Every week, there are new job openings. This will remove the sense among the community that, there are no jobs.
  • · With every job, we must publish the potential salary for the job. This will force the parents to think. They will start taking interest in the education of their children.
  • · Our youngsters will start attending the mosque, as they now want to find out what sort of job openings are available. Now, their discussion topics would be around, how to get a particular job or what sort of skills are required to get a job. Currently, their discussion topics are, who is dating Deepika Padukone or how many runs Yusuf Pathan is going to score this IPL.
  • · The moment, one person from a mosque gets a job through that notice board, it would become a dinner table discussion in whole area.
  • · People will get to know about Government Policies, they would automatically start realizing their rights. We must publish clear guidelines. For example, even today, not many people know how to file a RTI or how a RTI can help them.
  • · If MPN is organizing a career fair or a career guidance workshop, the same notice board can be used to attract huge audience.
  • · Through the notice board, take feedback about the problems that people are facing.

Some guidelines for publishing the content:

  • · Everything that gets published on the notice board should be solution-oriented. There are lot of preachers around and we don’t want one more.
  • · MPN must position itself as an intellectual think-tank of India. Everything that we publish must reflect intellectuality.
  • · We must project positivity. There is already lot of negativity around.
  • · Offer clear and measurable guidance to students.
  • · List out job openings and potential salaries.
  • · List out Government Policies. Encourage people to ask for their right.


One of the challenge before us, for executing this program is continuous effort of the Notice Board Team. If we publish for two weeks and then stop publishing, the rhythm will be gone. Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) once said: “The best loved deeds to Allah are the ones that are continuous even if they are not very many.”

The second challenge is regarding the ‘correctness’ of the content. Our credibility would depend on the ‘correctness’ of the content. And if we commit an error, we must acknowledge the mistake by publishing an errata.


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  1. Mashallah , I have been thinking about this and also discussed the same since I saw it practically in Masjide Maryam in Sugarland Texas. May Allah bless you all and guide and educate our community towards positive results Ameen

  2. We should be more tolerant and​ develop through our hard work and not to harm our country nice intiateive we shall do it well with patience and Al mighty’s grace everything is possible and we shall teach our young kiddy’s contemporary Muslim intellectuals like Abdul kalam

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